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Organic Microbial Solution used for a multitude of needs. Used to control pest, odors, and much much more. All natural ingredients make up this formulation.

Instructions for mixing and application processes

Compost /Manure piles

  1. Mix 1 cup 8 oz. to 1 gallon non chlorinated / Filtered or Rain / well water
  2. Spray solution on manure or soil anywhere there is going to be Urine or feces present

Never spray in direct sunlight always spray in early am or evening for best results . Repeat applications as necessary for odor control . 

Plant Magic 

  1. Mix 10 ml plant Magic with 1 gallon ,non chlorinated /filtered or rain /well water
  2. Spray solution out of direct sunlight in the early morning or early evening .

Special Notes
Plant Magic will help aide your plants and soil with health and growth
Plant Magic will also help keep powdery mildew away
If you see signs of powdery mildew repeat application as necessary
If powdery mildew is still present repeat application and increase solution to 15 ml a gallon and repeat application. If powdery mildew is still present you can increase solution to 20ml a gallon and repeat application. 

If severe mildew is present use a mix ratio at 30 ml to a gallon.

Always spray a small area first and watch for signs of damage

Soil Drenching ,,,

  1. Mix 10ml of plant Magic with 1gallon of non chlorinated /filtered water or rain /well water
  2. Drench your soil .

You can repeat application At weekly intervals for best results.
Always drench small area first to check for sensitive plants to be safe