Our News

06/07/2021 New product line of "Plant Magic" added to our product line 


02/14/2021 Statement of Information filed with SOS California identifying CEO / Agent / Company Contact info.

Company starting common shares at 25,000,000 shares at par value $0.01


02/10/2021 Castle's Labs is officially incorporated in the fine state of California.

We are now offering on site consultations for services within the San Diego County and San Bernardino Counties.

New local number added to company profile. 619-922-6550

Company sets initial directors to navigate LLC creation and development. Kurt Castle company founder, Tony Villalobos and Robert Waters are directors and lead the steering committee. 

Company selects Kurt Castle to take the position of CEO. Tony Villalobos will take the position of COO, and Robert Waters will take the position as Secretary.


01/01/2021 Website updated with new company special services options. Local ranchers in the San Diego County have shared interest in our spray services.